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Walter Forge

Set of 2 Hand Forged Wall Hooks with Hammered Leaves

Set of 2 Hand Forged Wall Hooks with Hammered Leaves

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Unique Wall Storage and Hanging Hardware

Artistic hardware adds to the beauty of interior design. Something utilitarian becomes a focal point. Artisan elements draw the eye and can create a flow from room to room.

Walter enjoys using nature inspired accents to his pieces. They blend well with any decor while providing strong solutions things that need wall hooks. 

This pair of left and right wall hooks feature a hand hammered leaf and vine design at the top. The main shaft has a traditional forge twist in the solid square stock. The Hooks have a fishtail end that is both fabric friendly and visually appealing. This makes them usable as towel or coat hangers suitable for focal places likes doorways and entrances. Strong enough to hold the weight of backpacks and things that need to be in grab and go places. Bathrooms are often limited in wall space making then a good solution for towels and robes.

By adding a bar they make beautiful hangers for drapes or quilts and tapestries. The hangers are 8 1/2 inches in length and approximately 2 inches at the widest point. The hooks are 2 inches deep. They are finished in a hand brushed steel finish with a clear coat. Each hanger has 2 inset mounting holes that provide stability and weight distribution for heavier objects. 

As in nature these are have unique details and highlight the work of Walter's hammer.


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