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Walter Forge

Simply Contemporary 2 Piece Fire Tool Set with Hearth Stand

Simply Contemporary 2 Piece Fire Tool Set with Hearth Stand

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Forged for Limited Needs and Space with a                         Hint of Art Deco Style

If your home is styled with a more modern contemporary touch, Walter has designed a nice set for those who don't need traditional or rustic.

This set of two well made tools for fire tending provide you with what you need to move your logs about. The Braided Handle Fire Poker has a very classy look and is a forged to stir your fire for many seasons. Walter's scissor Tongs are a beefed up version of an old design. The hinged tongs don't require you to squeeze the handles while trying to hold the logs. They are hand riveted for strength and durability. They soft suede braiding makes these handles comfortable to grip while you are working. Both tools are approximately 36 inches in length.

The Forged Hearth stand is about 40 inches tall. The top has an art deco style rack with forged hangers for the Fire Tools. The Stand has a square weighted base for stability that accents the over all linear design.  

Cost includes delivery in the USA.

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