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The Howell Hook * Fire Tool Storage Hardware

The Howell Hook * Fire Tool Storage Hardware

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Forged Wall Rack for Tight Places


🌾 The design for this piece of hand forged iron hardware is simple to accommodate small places and hang heavy weight. When your hearth doesn't allow room for a floor stand, wall hardware is the next best option for keeping your fire tools at arms reach. Space is often scarce. Walter designed this hanger to hang up to 3 items in a small space.

🌾 The long flat arm on the top of the bracket will hang 1 or 2 tools and extends out approximately 5 inches. The top arm is braided with a soft suede that protects handles and gives a nice look to the piece. The piece matches our braided handle tools but works well with any of our handle styles. 

🌾 The back brace extends down 6 inches and has an extra hook for another tool or gloves. We all have tools we like to keep close at hand.

🌾 The finish is a deep brown with protective coat of browns bees wax. 

🌾 Polish your custom and heirloom ironworks with a bees wax based polish to preserve and condition the iron. We highly recommend Lehmans spray bees wax but any wax based furniture polish will help protect your iron work from natural moisture in the air. The hanger has 2 mounting holes that provide stability on the wall. 


🌾 Made to Last. Made to Pass.

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