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Three Piece Fire Tool Set 36 Inches long

Three Piece Fire Tool Set 36 Inches long

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Three Piece Fire Tool Set with Braided Suede Handles 36 Inches in Length

🌾 This particular style of Fire Place Tools has been a customer favorite for almost 20 years. The design gives a timeless classic look to a utilitarian work of iron. The thickness of the handle wrapped in soft suede cording feels very comfortable in your hand and provides weight balance to the length of the working end.

🌾 This three piece set includes Walter's hand forged Fire Poker, Ash Shovel and Hearth Broom with a replaceable hand tied broom head. The finish is a dark deep wood brown tone that fairs well with any color and decor. The suede is a slightly lighter shade of brown that makes a nice visual contrast. The last stage of finish is a good polish with bees wax. Bees wax is an excellent natural conditioner and moisture protectant for your heirloom iron. Any bees wax based furniture polish will do. We highly recommend the bees wax spray from Lehman Brothers Hardware. A $20 can will last a long time. It is also wonderful for valued wood items.

🌾 This forged set is approximately 36 inches in length. As in all hand made products size will vary slightly.



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