Forged Steel Life Sculpture - Rural Tradition

Which way to the Singing

Here in the south Sunday Singings can be heard and counted on. They happen no matter what. Groups of neighbors and kin come together and celebrate their faith with food and song. I'm sure its the same no matter where you are. 

The tradition of shape note singing runs deep in Alabama. A beautiful sound of voices and tapping feet on wooden floors. Passed along through the generations like a treasure. Our favorite singer is Papa Coy Ivy. Papa Coy was born singing. And week ends are for singing. Time has taken his hearing and he needs a driver. This particular Sunday Walter got the job and off they went. 

Steel Life Sculpture by Walter Howell artist blacksmith of walter forge

All directions up here involve a fence, a church and a tree. This church is as deep in the back woods of the mountain as you can get. Not a straight stretch of road anywhere. Papa Coy's direction was turn up here at the big tree and proceeded to take a nap. Walter is a fairly good navigator and turned at the right road, no tree. But about a quarter mile up the road, sure enough there it was. The towering remains of what once was a massive oak tree. Limbs larger than most trees had been stripped of the branches by time and weather. You can only imagine the generations of folks that gathered in the yard underneath the huge canopy and ate great feast and sang in faith and fellowship. 

Country scene in forged steel with big tree, fence and hand painted sign to the singing

This forged steel sculpture honors the tradition with things that are a part of every passed story you will ever hear. A fence, a big tree and a hand written sign pointing the way. The big tree is forged from solid steel and finished with layers of black bees wax. The wooden base, made by artisan Nick Parker, is a beautiful piece of black walnut detailed with the tracks of tires on an old dirt road. 

Which way to the singing a steel life sculpture on display at the Carnegie Arts Center

The forged steel art work is 19 inches deep and 17 inches wide. The tree stands approximately 20 inches tall.

This sculpture from Walter's Steel Life Series is available for purchase. Persons interested should contact us for arrangements for payment and shipping. 

Purchase price for this work is $1400.00

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