1000 Inspirational Things ~ 1948

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1000 Inspirational Things

A collection of poetry and literature compiled by Audrey Stone Morris 

This is a lovely collection of classic poetry and short stories compiled by Mrs. Morris to inspire and give reference to writings passed along through time. This is a 1948 First Edition Copy from the Peoples Book Club with 433 pages of prose including a hand written inclusion of President Lincoln's proclamation establishing the annual festival of Thanksgiving in the back 2 pages. The pages are all very clean and in good condition. 

The hard back cover has aged to a beautiful shade earthy purple. The interior boards are illustrated in the same shade of purple and white, The edges have the wear expected of a 70 year book with soft corners. The boards are firm and the spine is tight to both covers and pages. There is sun fading on the spine and some staining on the bottom but the print is still very readable.

The book has writings that include everything from Bambi to Thoreau. It can be a book that inspires you each time you open it to a new page. The ablilty to carry words of wisdom through the generations is the true treasure in the passing of pen and ink.

I have only 1 copy for your collection at the Time Keepers Cottage Library.

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