Shepherds Hook, Four Piece Fireplace Tool Set

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Artisan Quality Means Built to Last and Made to Pass

**Delivery Time For This Fire Side Set is approximately 8 to 12 weeks at this time.**


🌾This hand forged Fire Tool Set from Walter Forge features 4 of the most needed hearth tools. But the artist will add his fingerprint to even the most standard of designs. Graceful curves soften the look of the iron ending in tips called fish tails. The individual arms are hand collared and twisted. A skill that requires an experienced hand to end with an even tight twist. But that is what we do here at the Forge. We provide you with Ironwork that will serve its purpose and endure years of use.

Heirloom Quality Fire Tools

The fire poker is solid iron stock that is hand hammered and tempered for strength and durability. The beautiful pike design is actually a work horse that will push and pull your logs in the fire place.

The shovel is hand riveted with a stout pan that will lay flat to the floor and get the work done. Walter fabricates his own pans to ensure stock and construction quality.

Our brooms are hand tied by broom maker Lenton Williams of the John C. Campbell School and they are made to be used. Heads screw off and on easily and can be replaced when needed.

Walter hand forges the tongs that take a full day at the forge. Forged from very strong stock and hand riveted at each of the 4 hinged joints, this design is very user friendly and doesn't require squeezing the logs while you move them around. Each section is tempered for strength and up to the task at hand. The business end will grab and grip for you. 

🌾The Fire Stand that holds this heirloom set is designed in a classic Shepard's Hook design that features graceful lines and a forged twist. The artistic feet not only add an eye pleasing element to the base but serve as a very stabilizing foundation for the set on uneven hearth surfaces.

🌾This stand is approximately 40" tall to accommodate a 36" tool set. The size of tools and stand can be customized to suit your preferences. Base dimensions are made to fit your specific space requirements. You are encouraged to contact us to work out all the specifics on your purchase.


 *Hand forged by artist Black Smith Walter Howell of Walter Forge. Hand made by skilled hands with pride of workmanship in USA.

© Copyright Walter Howell 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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