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Walter Forge

Alabama Breeze * Forged Iron Wall Mandala

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Forged Steel Sculpture Entitled "Alabama Breeze"

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Walter tends to forge things that have some kind of meaning to him. A memory or simple things that bring life changing experiences.

When we came to Alabama we learned very early that weather is a serious thing here on this plateau. "Why does everybody have a storm shelter?" is a self answering question. The wind never ceases on top of a plateau. This is where nature practices wind patterns like a cowboy doing rope tricks with an invisible rope. A northern wind now could become a southern breeze in 30 minutes time.

The trees bare all the signs of natures activity. Trunks and limbs are twisted into shapes that tell stories of "bad storms". Blown leaves are a constant no matter the season. Summer leaves cling to pieces of branches and are broken off in small bunches. Fall brings the summer shed and a good gust will spread that big ole pile right back over over the yard in like 5 seconds. 

Hand hammered leaves accent the forged steel sculpture "Alabama Breeze"

This forged steel wall mandala is a tribute to the daily elements in this place we call home. Alabama Breeze visualizes in iron the ever changing wind with graceful scrolls that swirl with a cluster of leaves dancing along to the soft music of the wind.

Forged scrolls resemble the wind patterns here on this plateau we call home

It is meant to be a versatile piece and can be hung at any angle that suits the space and look you choose. The forged work is 29 1/2 inches long and 19 inches at the widest point. It if forged from 1/2 inch steel stock and will stand about 3/4 inch off a surface. The finish is layers of brown beeswax over a brushed steel surface. The translucent wax gives soft tone while highlighting the handwork and marks of the fire and process. 

Alabama Breeze is an interior work and is not finished with an exterior safe product. Best care option for this iron work is to polish with a microfiber cloth using a bees wax based furniture polish. We highly recommend a spray bees wax from Lehmans Brothers that is high quality and very fairly priced.

Price for this unique art work includes insured Priority Shipping.

Crafted by skilled hands with pride of workmanship by artist blacksmith Walter Howell of Walter Forge

© Copyright Walter Howell 2019. All Rights Reserved.