Antique Oval Bubble Glass and Wood Photo Frame

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Beautiful Floral Accented Oval Frame

Any country themed or victorian style decor is well suited fro the wonderful picture frames of the past. These Frames were artisan made by skilled wood workers and glass makers. The oval frame is coopered, meaning the craftsman connected small segments of wood to form the Oval shape. This was done to prevent cracking as the wood contracted and expanded in changing temperatures. We have to remember the times in which they were made.

This Antique Frame is so nice! The wood has lovely grain and the floral motif' accents add just a smidge of color to the borders. The Bubble Glass is in very good condition. Bubble Glass is wonderful shadow box type framing for heirloom treasures.

The Over all size of the wooden frame is 21 1/2 inches by 15 1/2 inches. 

Your purchase of this Antique Oval Bubble Glass Frame is $50 with $25 Flat Shipping anywhere in the US. Your frame will be Carefully packed to protect the antique bubble glass.

From the Time Keepers Cottage Antique Treasures Collection.

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