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Antique Oval Bubble Glass and Wooden Picture Frame

Antique Oval Bubble Glass and Wooden Picture Frame

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Lovely Antique Ornate Frame

 Photographs were a big deal in the early days and were preserved in artisan made photo frames with hand blown bubble glass. The wooden frames were coopered by skilled wood workers. Meaning that multiple pieces were aligned and connected to produce the final shape. The segmented sections allowed the wood to shrink and expand with natural moisture to prevent cracking. The borders often had ornamental elements highlighting corners and edges. This beautiful antique frame is a fine example.

 The Gold Frame has decorative elements on the 4 center points of the oval. There are some areas with small cracks and dings but overall they are minor and add to the proof of its age. On the back side you can see the individual panels that were used to produce the final shape. It has its original handmade Bubble Glass cover that often doesn't survive this long. I did remove the glass for the pictures to prevent reflections. It is in excellant condition.

 The oval is 24 1/2 inches long and 18 3/4 inches at the widest point. It can easily be used in a landscape or portrait position. 


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