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Antique Roseville Art Wood Vase Circa 1951

Antique Roseville Art Wood Vase Circa 1951

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Lovely Antique Roseville Art Glass Vase

As production pottery became very fashionable production potters like Roseville began to produce pieces that were meant to compete with the likes of Rookwood. In the 50's they released a line of Art Wood pieces that were botanical in theme and art deco in style. They were highly collectible then and treasured today for their beauty and quality. 

This particular piece is a round double well flower vase. The glaze is a mottled gray with burgundy highlights at the base. The center depicts the trunk and branches of a tree. The base is a warm yellow underneath and bears the name Roseville and the item number. 

As most Roseville pieces this was well cared for and probably rarely actually used. The bottom is very clean both inside and outside. There are no cracks. There is a small place on the top rim that I don't think is damage. It looks like the glaze slipped to bear a small section of clay. The antique vase is 8 1/4 inches in diameter..


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