Braided Porcelain Bowl with Rose Motif'

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Lovely Hand Braided Porcelain Vessel

Braided Porcelain is one of those wonderful things where the art of hand work shines. Delicate hand rolled fibers of porcelain are carefully and artistically placed and layered using techniques handed down for over a thousand years. The results are a thing of beauty and a testament to value of skilled hands.

I recently had the opportunity to acquire a small collection from an estate. Each piece gathered because someone loved them enough to collect and protect them over time. The masters of the process hail from areas like Romania and Translyvania. 

This small bowl is the perfect size to occupy a place on a vanity or brighten a spot on a shelf. The pure white bisque draws the eye to lovely hand painted rose. It will bring a touch of a summer garden to even the darkest of corners.

Spring is a time for weddings and special occasions that deserve thoughtful giving. The best gifts are things that they would love to have but would never buy for them selves. Things that often become treasured hand me downs. 

This hand made bowl is 5 1/2 inches in diameter and 1 3/4 inches deep. The basket  has a four petal design with a lattice braid spaced by a basket weave section in between each petal. The edges are scalloped with a gold gilded rim. The piece was made at a production pottery in Transylvania and signed by the artist as part of the Russ Collection.

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A selection from the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Glass Collection.