Collection of Vintage Power Insulators

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Collection of 4 Vintage Hemingray Insulators in Mixed Colors

These wonderful works of glass that were made in the USA brought power to both cities and rural America starting in the late 1800's and remained a staple of the industry for many years. The insulators, Made in the USA, came in the original colors of aqua and clear with some green and purple special use pieces in later years.

They make lovely sun catchers and sit so pretty on a window sill or shelf blessed with good light. This Set has two vintage Hemingray Insulators in Aqua.  A number 40 and 36. A Clear Hemingray 45 and a CSA in clear with the zinc base still intact.

They range in size from 3 1/2 to 4 inches with the widest having a 3 1/4 inch base. There are a few minor defects on the drip points of 2. No breaks or cracks.

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From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Farm House Collection.