Forged Fire Poker with Key Ring Handle 30"

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Uptown Version of our Key Ring Handle Fire Poker.

Our Key Ring Handle uses a very traditional forging attribute to create a very user friendly handle for a well made tool. The large 6” diameter scroll gives you a place to grip the fire tool at an angle more natural to the wrist. It alleviates pressure to the thumb area which is a wonderful asset to anyone with wrist issues. It also makes it very easy to control larger logs. 

This Key Ring handle is wrapped in a soft suede that feels good in your hand and a makes for a very classic look. The finish is a Warm, Wood Brown color that fairs well with all color palettes. 

This Fire Poker is 30” long with a tempered pike made to push and pull your logs. This a very nice well made fire tool made in Alabama by a skilled artisan maker. 

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