Forged Iron Cross in Hammered Silver Finish

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Traditional Hand Forged Cross

This small piece of Iron Work is such a wonderful representation of the craft as well as the symbol it stands for. Though small it requires knowledge of foundation forging techniques. As with all skills it is the practice of the basics that make the master. 

A process of slitting and heating has an origami effect opening up into a beautiful cross with an open diamond in the center. Once the cross has been cut and opened the smith can put his individual fingerprint on the work with texture, edges and patinas. They are a joy tomato and seem to bring joy to those who receive them.

This Iron Cross is 4 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2" wide. The texture is hand hammered to give an appearance of age and it is sealed with layers of beeswax buffed to a hard protective coating. The back has been left in the original state to show what difference a skilled hand can make. 

Your purchase is for this exact cross in the photo as each one has its own unique character marks and is unique in detail. 

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