Forged Iron Oak Leaf in a Late Summer Green Patina

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Hammer Sculpted Oak Leaf with a Bit Of Twig

This wonderful Steel Life Sculpture is another tribute to out yard full of "Wind Ornaments". They are willing subjects for art work that fairs well in most any decor and most any color scheme.

Nature's art work consist of beautiful earth tones on natural surfaces that are curved and textured in patterns of growth. We feel we pay due respect by replicating without change. Walter, with fire and hammer, creates a page for me to paint. Nature gives me the paint by numbers to go by.

This Leaf is finished in the hues of late summer when the greens are deep and the leaves show a few signs of weather and bugs. A small bit of branch is still attached to the single Oak Leaf. The bark effect is created by heating and twisting numerous times. Because Iron has no "memory" it doesn't return to its original shape if you bend it back the way you came, but instead the process creates lines and texture on the smooth surface. Walter often uses recycled metal that is made with a patten, like rebar or machine parts like cotton pickers. They work in hand with the artist to ensure that each piece has its own unique detail.

Steel Life accents capture the eye and draw attention to focal points in your decor. The twig provides a way to hang this forged leaf with a collection or in a small space that needs a little something.

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