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Treble Clef Wall Decor Hand Forged in Cranberry Red

Treble Clef Wall Decor Hand Forged in Cranberry Red

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Gifts come in many forms

🌾 Some are to please the eye and some the ear. This hand forged iron treble clef is recognized as a symbol of song in many languages and places around the globe. 

This artisan made piece is perfect for those who play and sing or for those who listen. Finished in a lovely mahogany red it will stand out as an eye catching piece of wall art. The patina is translucent and allows the character marks of the forging process on the iron to add to the unique qualities of each piece. 

A red hot treble clef on the anvil.

🌾 Each treble clef is hand forged with pride of workmanship 

🌾 The music symbols are 16 inches tall and 7 inches wide. They stand about an inch off of the surface on which they hang. Walter took great care to make sure that the proportions of the symbol were accurate. In our neck of the woods this symbol is also known as the Sacred Harp. Fa So La....

🌾 This forged iron treble clef is also available in a warm earth tone brown. Both pieces can be purchased as a lovely piece of art or as a wall hook.

🌾 Care for your artisan iron work is easy as pie. Simply polish with a bees wax based polish using a microfiber cloth. Buffing lightly will harden the wax and give a lovely satin highlight to the finish. Any bees wax based furniture polish will do but we recommend Spray Bees Wax from Lehman Brothers. It is wonderful for heirloom iron and fine woods. It is very fairly priced and lasts a good long while.


 Made to last. Made to Pass.

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