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Time Keeper Cottage

Forged Leaf and Vine 3 Tool Hearth Set

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Artisan Hand Forged Fire Tool Set with Nature Inspired Floor Stand

The Fire place is a focal point in your home. The tools needed must be thoughtfully designed and well made to do the job well. They should also please the eye and add to the beauty of your room.

Walter forges one of a kind sets that will serve you well for many seasons. With skilled hands and a good hammer, he shapes the iron into eye catching replications of natures own art works. Leaves are the bling of most all of natures works that grow from seeds. They are perfect for timeless accents for the home. Each leaf is hand hammered and unique in its fingerprints. The flowing vines soften the rigid lines of the iron. 

The colors are in varying shades of brown and bronze that combine the hues of nature and metal. From a translucent brown to gilded bronze the colors highlight the hand work.

Made To Last. Made To Pass.

The tools are approximately 36 inches and include a Fire Poker, Hearth Broom and Ash Shovel. The Hearth Stand is approximately 41 inches tall and has a foot print of around 15 inches square. The spider legs work well on uneven surfaces.

This set is complete and ready to ship. Your investment includes all shipping costs.