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Forged Post Hanger for 4 x 4 Post

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Unique User Friendly Forged Iron Portable Post Hanger

Some gadgets are just handy to have around. There's no end to the list of things that could use hanging here and there. This Post Hanger is designed for quick and easy placement. The square bracket on the post end wraps around a standard 4 x 4 porch or fence post as well as a tree trunk with a 4 to 5 inch diameter. The extended arm has a tradition twist with a double sided hooked end. The weight of what is on the end of the arm locks the hanger down and secures it to the post. No nails or screws needed! Just lift and place in a new spot. 

*the hanger sits a little loose until weight is added. Hold the arm with one hand when removing a pot or feeder to keep it from lifting up.**

This piece is treated for outdoor use and will only require an occasional polishing with a beeswax based furniture polish to last for many years of use. This portable hook is very handy when camping out.

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