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Walter Forge

Hammered Iron Oak Leaf in Autumn Gold Patina

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Fall Oak Leaf in Autumn Gold

Oak leaves are proof that nature is an artist. By design they are ornately shaped, ruffled and textured. From Spring to Fall they note the days with colors that evolve from bright spring green to wonderful reds and golds before they fall with the oncoming winter. 

Walter is known for his beautiful leaf work. Each one individually hammer sculpted to be "a unique one in a million", just as they are on the tree. Leaves are natures bling. they adorn all things that grow through the process of seed, dirt and light. There is no need to embellish. Imitation is difficult. It gives the artist an appreciation of natures work.

This hand forged Oak Leaf is finished in the Gold hues of October. The translucent layers of opaque patina highlight the texture of the leaf and the process. The leaf is approximately 7 to 8 inches in length and 3 1/2 to 4 inches at its widest points. It will stand about an inch or so off of a surface. 

They are lovely accent pieces on a table or hung as a part of a grouping of other artwork. They tend to draw the eye to focal points in a room.

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