Hammered Oak Leaf in Summer Green Patina

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A Forged Iron Art Rendition of an Oak Leaf

By late July and early August in the south the Oak Trees are providing much needed shade under thick massive canopies. The deep green of the season is dotted with new acorns. An occasional wind blown twig makes its way into the yard and takes the time to pose for an artist who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Walter enjoys capturing in wonderful Steel Life Sculptures replications that allow us to have a bit of nature in our art work. Oak Trees and Steel have much in common. Strong and enduring things that long outlast us.

This piece is an exact replica of a twig you might find after a late summer breeze cleans the weaker limbs from the Oak tree. Its the weak limbs of the Oak that ensure a new generation Oaks begins each year.  A bit of branch holds on to its deep green leaf and a young acorn. 

Opaque tones high light the character marks of the effects of fire and hammer on a medium that doesn't take easily to being rearranged and recolored. Many of my color processes are reactive which means that the iron puts its own fingerprint on each piece. 

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