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Walter Forge

Hand Forged Iron Feather Sculpture

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Nature Inspired Original Art Work

One of Walter's newest additions to his 2018 Nature Series is series of beautifully forged iron feathers. Each year Walter hammers out a series of works that pay tribute to the flora and fauna of the place we call home. We are blessed to witness daily visits to our pond from birds as tiny as our hummers and as majestic as the pairs of Eagles and Ospreys who thrill us to pieces every now and then. 

Forged feathers pay tribute to our feathered wild life here and we have found often have special meaning in many ways to clients who purchase them.


Time and Process

Each feather begins as a single stick of raw iron. Through a series of heats in a 2000 degree fire and many hammer strokes the stick is reshaped into a lovely long feather. Walter then takes a chisel tool and details every aspect of the feather hairs and quill. Each feather has its own fingerprint of feather pattern and character marks of the process. The back of each feather is left in the natural state before details are added to show a step in the making process. 


The finish is a light brown patina achieved with coats of brown bees wax. The organic material enhances the marks of the hammer and protects the piece from natural humidity in the air. The quill is a soft gold.


Maintain your Steel Life Sculpture  by polishing lightly with a micro fiber cloth. Wipe occasionally with a bees wax based furniture polish. Do Not clean with liquid chemical cleaners. We highly recommend a spray beeswax protectant from Lehman Brothers Catalog. It is a quality product that will last a good long time.

This Forged Feather is 12 inches in length with a 3 1/4 inch Quill.

Made to Last. Made to Pass.

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