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Hand Forged Multipurpose Rack with 7 Hangers

Hand Forged Multipurpose Rack with 7 Hangers

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Function and Tradition Provide Unique Storage Solutions

🌾Walter has created a forged rack that can be used most anywhere for things that need hanging.

🌾The 19 3/4 Inch wide rack has 7 hooks for use. 2 wide flat scroll hooks are at either end of the the racks supporting bar. This bar is raised just slightly off of the wall for the center 5 hooks that vary in length at 3 1/2, 6 and 7 1/2 inches. The ends of all of hooks have been rounded and angled to be fabric friendly. The longer side hooks are 10".

🌾The hangers are strong and durable and will easily handle cast iron skillets or heavy weighted back packs or bags. This rack is forged in traditional techniques and finished in a black patina that will not mark fabrics.

🌾The rack has holes for hangers that are indented for flat head screws so they won't grab fabric. Thoughtfully designed and forged by skilled hands.


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