Hand Forged Sculpture ~ Oak Twig with Leaves and Acorns

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Seasonal Botanical Art 

Leaves come in a million shapes and textures. They are a sign of Life and they mark time like the ticking a clock as they mark each season year after year. They provide homes for critters and shade for us and now they bring art into our home.

Walter's work can be identified visually by the detail of his work and the his signature leaf work. He uses no molds or stamps but hammer sculpts each one a stroke. Oak leaves are perfect for interior decor. They have ruffles and textures. They produce those lovely little capped fruit that are the beginnings of trees that grow to be giants.

This wonderful piece is small but makes a big statement. The Iron Oak Twigs capture your attention. They look so real people want to pick them up and take a closer look. The nature inspired sculpture works well hanging on a wall with a grouping of other decorative art works.

The hand forged iron sculpture is approximately 8 x 8 inches and stands about 2 inches off of a surface. The patinas for this piece are rich browns and golds of the natural tones in winter. There are 2 hammered Oak leaves and 4 forged acorns on a barked bit of twig. 

Each of these nature sculptures seek to replicate and to reinterpret. Though similar they have unique form and thumbprints of the fire and hammer. Just as in nature no two are exactly the same. 

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