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Time Keeper Cottage

Hand Painted Porcelain Trinket Box with Pansies

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Hand Painted Vanity Box with Lovely Pansies

 There are many wonderful qualities to this vintage box. First it was hand made and skillfully painted in beautiful floral graphics. Second, it was first given as a special gift to someone. There is an original sticker on the bottom with the artist name and number and a personal message that is partially faded. I have covered the number in the photo but left it for the new owner.

 The art work on this ceramic vanity box is just beautiful. Tiny details and deep hues of blue and purple are eye pleasing to say the least. The trinket box is in very good condition and could be used for many different things. Pansies are the first sign of summer flowers. You can have them year round. Approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

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