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Lenton Williams

Hand Tied Replacement Broom Head

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Replacement Broom Head for Walters Forge Fire Place Brooms

Made to Order. Ships in 10 Business days. Thank you for your patience and your support with your purchase from the Forge.

The Hearth Brooms that come with our unique fireplace tools sets are meant to be used. With that in mind Walter designed a user friendly way to replace worn out or burned up broom heads. ~  At some point some one will say "I think the ashes are cold now", right before your broom head goes up in flames!

The business end of our broom handles are threaded. Our Hand Tied Broom Heads simply screw on and off of the artisan made iron handles.

Our hand tied brooms are made by master maker Lenton Williams, a teacher of rural life skills here in our back yard and at the John C Campbell School. 

*Order a replacement broom head to have on hand. These things happen very quickly!

Get the fire tools you need when you can

Many folks order the tools they want one at a time until they get all the tools they need that suit their fire tending preferences. We understand our products are an investment in something you want and need. It is important to bus your investment is in exactly what you want.

We specialize in providing what others can't. Assemble a set that has the tools you want. Fire place pokers, ash shovels and roasting forks are among the tools you can add to your fireplace tools set.

We can forge just for you a rack or stand that will suit your space and architectural requirements. From free standing artisan racks to wall mount and under mantle solutions, we design with your specific preferences in mind.

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