Heavy Duty Forged Fire Place Grates

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Cheap Fire Tools are a Bad Investment

Made To Order! 8 to 10 week Delivery at this time. Pre-orders are filled in order received. We appreciate your patience and your purchases!

We found that folks were constantly bringing us Fire Grates purchased from big box stores that were warped almost beyond recognition less than 4 months after purchase. They could not stand up to one full season of fires. And there was no fixing them. The iron was so thin and cheap that they were burning through. 

Well an artisan craftsman will not have his name on something like that. We forge our custom made Fire Grates from 1 inch thick square solid iron stock. They are designed to roll the logs to the back as they burn, while burning very efficiently to reduce ash and embers. They are extremely heavy. Some of the larger ones have been given names by the owners, like "The Beast".

This grate is made to last for many seasons of warmth. Your grate can be customized with Andirons or Cooking Attachments to suit your personal preferences. 

Made to Order Just For You

Most current Fire Boxes are a standard size of 40" wide with graduating sides. Our Fire Grate for this box is forged to approximately 36 to 32 "wide in the front depending on the breathing space required by the cubic measurements of your box. The Grates are 18" Deep and approximately 12" in height. The rack is angled slightly to roll the logs to the back of the fire box. Proper air circulation is the key to efficient heating. This 1 inch solid iron grate will stand up to the heat of your fire with ease. Walter has to heat the forge to 1600 degrees to bend this heavy stock. Your firebox will not reach temps this range.

This Fire Grate weighs 60 Pounds and will be shipped Fed Ex Ground. Price does not include Shipping. Message me your zip code and I will gladly check that cost for you.

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