Iron Cross, Hand Forged and Faith Inspired

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Beautiful Hand Forge Cross

Some pieces don't technically have a function but they most certainly do have a purpose!

When blacksmiths are beginning to learn the techniques involved in forge work there are several projects that are often used. This beautiful cross design is hundreds of years old and teaches the art of slitting, texturing and the transfer of one metal to another. Similar to cutting paper and unfolding it results in a wonderful piece that can easily be made to the makers preferences. 

Perfect for Gifting!

I love the small size. At 5 x 4 inches (approximate) they are a lovely table piece. They make wonderful book markers and can hang on a wall. They are also a good pocket size for those times when you just need something to hang on to. The next time somebody says "Get a Grip", pull it out and say I gotta grip. how about you!

Easy to Care For

The brass finish is applied when the hot iron is in a very specific temperature range. There is about a 5 minute span where the brass will transfer to the hot iron. Reheating will burn it off, so its a one shot deal for the brass finish. We then coat the iron with a clear seal and a layer of beeswax, hand buffed to hard surface. This prevents the brass from tarnishing. Care is as simple as polishing with a bees wax based furniture polish. NO CHEMICAL CLEANERS!

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Made to Last. Made to Pass.

Enjoy this video of the process of Forging a cross


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