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Walter Forge

Iron Treble Clef Hand Forged in Warm Brown

Iron Treble Clef Hand Forged in Warm Brown

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As an artist, music is a part of Walter's inspiration

🌾  The symbol is recognized across many regions and languages. Walter took care to make sure the proportions were correct and the completed piece was true to form. We have finished this decorative wall accent in our translucent warm brown patina that allows the fingerprints of the process and the fire to show through. Each bend and curve represents time in the forge to heat the metal to a temperature that will make it malleable. Each heat is followed by 30 to 40 strokes of the hammer as the straight piece of solid iron becomes a lovely piece of musical art work.

🌾 Care is simple and easy

The treble clefs are approximately 15 inches in length and 7 inches wide. They will stand just under and inch off of a surface. The finish is an earth tone brown that fairs well with any color or style of decor. The translucent patina highlights the hammer and fire marks on the hand forged iron. Polish with a bees wax based furniture polish to maintain and condition your custom iron art. Spray and lightly buff with a microfiber cloth for quick easy maintenance. We recommend a spray bees wax from Lehman Brothers. It is wonderful for maintaining and conditioning heirloom ironwork and woodwork. It is also very fairly priced and last a long while.

🌾 If you need some function to go with your art, check out this treble clef hook turned strong artisan hardware!



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