Iron Wall Hook * Hand Forged Hardware

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Unique Storage Hardware in Old Gold Finish

Functional accents in your home or work space should add a little something to the feel of a room. This artist turns the ordinary into "Oh my goodness, Look at that!"

Our hardware is forged to meet 3 criteria.
*It must first preform its function well. For a long time. 
*Second It should Please the Eye. We want our iron works to be one of the things in your life that you are glad you have.
*Third, it should feel good in your hand. Thats a given on things that have handles but on things that aren't held, it still matters. When you hold our iron work you can feel the weight of quality. Everything is forged from solid iron stock. When you run your fingers across the iron you can feel the effects of the fire and hammer on the surface of the metal. Graceful curves and an experienced hand turn sharp edges into lines that create a wall sculpture out of a stick.
This lovely piece is approximately 8 inches long and 4 inches at its widest point. There are two inset mounting holes that provide strong anchors and stability on the wall. The hammer sculpted leaf and vine "grow" from the barrel of the hanger that ends with a fishtail hook. This design of hook is fabric friendly and can be used for coats and towels as well as heavy bags or baskets.
The finish is one of our unique patinas developed by trial and lots of error! Old Gold has the hue of aged brass. Layers of brown bees wax over an umber patina highlight and shadow the imprints of the hammer.
It is easily cared for by polishing regularly with any bees wax based furniture polish. Lehman Brothers does carry an aerosol bees wax spray we recommend highly for heirloom ironwork and woods. A can lasts a good long time. 
This is a One of  Kind wall hook. USPS Ground Shipping is included in your cost.
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