Last Train From Atlanta

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"Last Train From Atlanta" by A. A. Hoehling, New York in 1943.

 The beautiful hard cover book is a deep rich red that has been protected by the original dust jacket that is fairly good condition for a 75 year old piece of paper. The Gold embossed lettering on the binding is bright and sharp.

 There are 558 pages telling the story of the siege of Atlanta in the final days of the birth of our nation. The war for freedom was followed by the battle for what would become the foundation and soul of our country. The lessons of history and the perspective of those lived it are priceless treasures we hold dear. This reading will grow your knowledge.

There are also wonderful black and white photos that document history and bring the words to life.

Only 1 copy on the Time Keeper Library Shelf for you to add to your collection.

 Much is learned when much is read.