Leaf and Vine Fish Tail Wall Hook

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Wall Storage Made for Function and Style

Unique hangers are one of those things that you are going to like better than you thought. Nothing helps the chaos of life better than a place to put things. Put it there every time and you will no longer hunt in frustration. Grab and Go storage solutions are often best put in areas frequented by visitors and are focal points in your rooms decor. Strong artisan hardware made with beautiful nature inspired accents catch the eye and beautify a space.

This forged wall hook has a hammer sculpted leaf at the end of a growing vine extending from the stock of the wall hook. Walter creates 2 inset holes for loathed screws, that will stabilize the hanger on the wall. The 2 1/2 deep fish tail hanger is a fabric friendly design well suited for coats, towels or what ever needs hanging up at your house. The hook is approximately 8 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Every leaf on each piece of ironwork is forged by hand from a steel rod using no molds. They are unique in markings and shape. The color is a Walter Forge original called Iron Rose.

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