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Little River Bog

Little River Bog

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Little River Bog

Steel Life Sculpture that recreates the flora and fauna of our native south are something that brings joy to both the artist and the collector. Nature provides us with and endless supply of subject matter and color variation. Realistic replication in steel requires skilled and patient hands as tiny details bring a piece to life. 

The Little River Canyon near our home is one of those rare places where exotic species like the pitcher plant thrive. Sourwoods, Oaks and Willows offer up endless shapes of leaves and a whole crayon box of colors as the seasons change. We replicate these earth tones in opaque colors that allow the marks of the process to become the unique fingerprints of each sculpture. Creatures that live in and among the plant life often make an appearance as they hide in the leaf bed. In this case a snake glides silently in and around fallen leaves.

Collaborative Effort

The base is a beautifully coopered work from talented wood artist Nick Parker. It provides both color contrast and a stable base for the heavy steel sculpture. The work is 18 inches wide and 14 inches deep. The tallest grass is 18 inches tall. 

The visual appeal of nature and evidence of skilled hand work produce a beautiful art piece that draws the eye and brings a bit of outdoors into a space.

This piece is available for purchase. We ask that you contact us with questions about the work and to discuss shipment details before purchase.

You can reach us at or by phone for a return call at  706-618-9426. Serious inquiries only please.

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