Living Abundantly by Kirby Page 1944

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Every generation has its inspiring and motivational speakers of the day

Often the lessons and advice are those passed by someone who finally figured out their elders knew what they were talking about. 

But there are always a chosen few who have the gift of speaking in ways that can be heard and understood. Kirby Page was one of those inspirational writers of his day. Combining his perspective of faith and wisdom for living a happy fulfilling life he wrote this timeless guide.

This 1944 edition of Living Abundantly shows signs of use by the original owner. But most of the damage are the age signs. Foxing on the outer edges of the pages that have gently yellowed the thick vintage paper. The sun has faded the colors on the hardback covers and spine. The edges of the cover are worn and soft in places but in pretty good shape for its 84 years in existence. There is an old church bulletin tucked inside the pages which will stay in the book when it comes to you.

The publisher was Farrar and Rhinehart. There are 513 text filled pages with three pages in the back for notes that are clean. 

The Tag Line for the book reads, "An extensive study in the understanding of social and faith connections to a good life."

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