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Lovely Rose Embossed Silver Sugar Scoop

Lovely Rose Embossed Silver Sugar Scoop

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From Kewanee, Illinois a Vintage Wedding Gift

Antique things have a way of leaving bits of clues behind for us to follow. This piece from Anderson's Jewelry and gift shop was first purchased as a special gift. Used only on special occasions and carefully stored to preserve the finish it is in very good condition with its original sticker on the bottom.

There is embossing on the scoop of a Rose in bloom and its greenery. From the handle to the base there are artisan details. The sugar scoop is 4 1/2 inches tall and about 3 inches wide. The silver surface has no blemishes and needs only a good shining. They make very nice vases for smaller heirloom roses. 

It is an eye catching scoop that can be used in many decorative ways. 


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