Micro Mosaic Murano Glass Cross in Gold Setting

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Vintage Jewelry with Brightly Colored Murano Tiles

  • 1 inch by 3/4 inch Gold Cross Pendent 
  • Multi-colored Murano Glass Tiles
  • Hall Marked Italy on the Back of the Setting
  • Pendent Only, No Chain

    In 1860 Murano Glass developed their own artistic style of micro mosaic work. Tiles were made from spun glass and enamel rods in contrasting colors. These rods were carved into varying shapes then thinly sliced and carefully assembled in a jig saw fashion to create the desired visual effect. Their pieces are easily distinguished from roman and venetian work that used stone and glass of a single color to create stunning artworks that appeared to be paintings.

In their heyday the vintage jewelry was highly sought and collected by world travelers. That still holds true today as they are appreciated for their beauty and fine craftsmanship.

This lovely cross has very brightly colored tiles and makes an eye catching piece of jewelry. It does not have a chain.

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From the Time Keepers Cottage Vintage Vanity Collection.

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