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Time Keepers Cottage

Mid Century Flower Vase with Gold Wheat

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Lovely Eye Catching Flower Vase with Lovely Gold Wheat Accent

 Mid Century potters left us with a wonderful collection of well made, eye pleasing pottery to brighten up our lives. I have a very nice little Bud vase from just such a collection,

 The unique shape catches your attention quickly. This little vase is perfect for yard blooms with short stems. There are little edges inside that make me wonder if it once had a frog or lid of some kind. It is a lovely vessel with all kinds of possibilities!

 The vintage pottery stands approximately 4 inches tall. It is 5 1/4 inches wide and 3 inches deep. The glaze has crackled in one place as shown in the photo but the dish is not cracked. It has a crack me up price for you!

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