Mountain Laurel Vintage Floral Print

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Lovely Floral Watercolor  Mountain Laurel

I have a wonderful vintage botanical print ready for framing. This piece is from a 1960's collection of floral prints from the Smithsonian Institute. The works of art commissioned by the museum were always of high quality and exact replications of the species. 

This 12 x 9 inch art work features a southern treasure, the Mountain Laurel. The blooms explode on the mountainsides in early spring before the summer canopy shades the ground. Stored away in the original envelope for all this time the pages are very clean and colors are rich. The pages have turned a soft Ivory with no foxing along the edges. There are no tears or folds. Pages are thick and soft.

I have only one copy of this beautiful vintage print. Your cost includes carefully packed Shipping and any applicable fees inside the US.