Mrs. Robinson's Steel Table Talk Pie Pan

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Wonderful Vintage Table Talk Pie Pan 

This Steel Pan is a great piece of vintage advertising and a reminder of a mid century kitchen. A time when nothing was disposable!

Mrs. Robinson's Fine Restaurant Pies were sold in returnable Steel Pie Pans, ensuring return customers! The small deposit was enough to make sure you returned the pan! They were well made and their condition today is proof of that!

This Steel Pie Pan made by the Table Talk Company is 9 1/2 inches in diameter and approximately 1 1/2 Deep. It is in very good condition with nice visible graphics embossed in the bottom the pan.

Your purchase of this vintage Mrs. Robinson's Pie Pan includes USPS Ground shipping to your kitchen!

Only 1 available in the Time Keepers Cottage vintage Kitchen Curation.

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