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Napier Gold Chain with Floral Converter Brooch

Napier Gold Chain with Floral Converter Brooch

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Lovely Gold Tone Necklace, Vintage Napier

This vintage piece of jewelry is a 3 in one treasure. The converter brooch can be worn as an accent or a necklace. The oval shadow box is filled with ribbon flowers. I believe it could replaced with something wonderful from your own collection. The gold tone brooch is approximately 2 1/4 inches in length and 2 inches wide.

The lovely chain is 28" inches of braided gold tone chain in very good condition. The links are joined in a square braid and the original Napier hall mark tag is clear and bright. It is easily removed for wear with other pendants. 

Napier has provided us with beautiful affordable jewelry for several generations by producing work that is timeless in design and well made to last.


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