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Nature Inspired Wall Hardware Storage Hook

Nature Inspired Wall Hardware Storage Hook

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Artful and Unique Hook For Heavy Duty Wall Storage

Well designed hooks and hangers provide extra storage options all throughout your home. Places that need grab and go hangers are always in focal points like doorways and often used spaces. Walter's decorative hooks provide artful options for key places. 

Forged for strength and beauty they get the job done in an eye catching manner. The 2 1/2 inch wide fishtail hook will not dimple or catch your fabrics. Forged from solid iron stock they will hold a great deal of weight including heavy bags and winter weight outer gear. They are wall mounted with 2 inset holes for secure and stable hanging. The top of the hook features a short length of iron vine with a hammer sculpted leaf on the end. Walter is known for his beautiful leaf work. He uses no stamps or molds. All details are hand hammered making each one unique. This hook is finished in a dark wood brown patina that blends well with any color scheme or style.

This hook show cases the hammered leaf atop a 7 x 4 inch hanger.


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