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Nitram Charcoal Stick and Baton Collection

Nitram Charcoal Stick and Baton Collection

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Art  Supply Collection from Nitram Artist Supplies

Nitram is well known for high quality artist supplies. I recently discovered a box of unused charcoal sticks and pencils as well as a baton. There are 11 full boxes of sticks and pencils. The sticks are 3 varied degrees of hardness. There is one box of general pencils. There is also a stylus holder for the sticks. All boxes are full and contain 5 sticks. I am not certain if there are pieces missing from the stylus and baton boxes.

All told, per the Nitram website there is approximately $140.00 in supplies. I am offering this collection for half price with delivery included! I hope a creative and talented hand will convert them into beautiful art.


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