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  • Pigtail Grilling forks are a favorite among grill chefs.
  • Scroll handles give a comfortable grip and provide an easy way to hang your hand forged tool.
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Pig Tail Grilling Fork

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Pigtail Grilling Fork with Scroll Handle

Some folks just want a good working tool. A no frills, get the job done cooking tool. Our Standard Pig Tail Fork is hand forged from solid iron stock with a scroll handle and tempered pig tail tip. They average approximately 20 inches in length and will vary slightly. 

Care is easy as pie!

Each grilling fork is oven seasoned in the same manner as a cast iron skillet. We recommend washing with hot water immediately after use. Dry and store in a humidity free environment. Your fork can be re-seasoned by wiping with a VERY light coat of vegetable shortening. Place in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes and leave until completely cooled. If your fork is sticky. Cure for another 30 minutes or so. 

Your tool will darken naturally with use and seasoning. A little care will provide you with a tool that can be passed to the generation of grill masters. 

We thought of everyone!

Folks don't often think about the fact that right handed tools are often backwards and upside down to a left handed person. Well we made sure to offer forks that were suited to either hand by offering a left or right handed option. Add a note to your order if you want a left handed fork. We send right handed by default.

* We have these hand forged pigtail grilling forks in stock and ready to ship. Your cost includes $30 for your grilling fork and $5.00 Flat Rate Shipping anywhere in the US.

Made to Last. Made to Pass.

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