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Walter Forge

Pitcher and Oak ~ A Nature Inspired Sculpture

Pitcher and Oak ~ A Nature Inspired Sculpture

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Forged Pitcher Plant and Fallen Leaves Sculpture

Nature provides a steady flow of subject matter for all artists. Forging plant life from steel is a process and subject that Walter enjoys. The shapes of nature with graceful curves, circles and ruffles are such a sharp contrast to the original shape of the raw material. We love that folks will reach out and feel a piece as if the sculpture was a form of braille for the senses. Its a wonderful compliment when your style is one of realistic replication. 

Pitcher plants have some of the most amazing shapes. Walter tends to forge the one that is native to our region and they are a favorite of those who have purchased one of his yearly nature series works. 

Pitcher and Oak

This table size Sculpture captures the eye without requiring a lot of space. The Single Pitcher Cone grows among a large Oak Leaf and a few Pin Oak leaves. The nature inspired piece has a lovely wooden base that has been hand carved to fit the Steel Landscape. The base is 12 inches deep and 7 1/2 inches at its widest point. The piece stands approximately 13 inches tall.

The opaque colors are very true to natural tones and allow the marks of the fire and hammer to show through. The final coat is achieved with layers of bees wax that are hand buffed to a hardened satin finish. The colored bees wax also gives a depth to the patinas.

Pitcher and Oak would be a focal piece in any home or corporate setting in need of pieces that draw the eye.

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