Quadruple Plated Silver Serving Pieces Circa 1800's

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Lovely Antique Silver Biscuit Barrel, Teapot and Cream Pitcher from Meriden, Conn.

In the early to mid 1800's, the area around Meriden became a central hub for some of the best silver smiths in America. Artisan craftsman were producing heirloom silver and cottage makers soon merged with larger companies that represented the skill and designs of the time.

This Artisan crafted ornate pieces have handles in a Regency style with embossed edges and rims. The face of the vessels feature engraved 4 O'Clocks and leaf work and are personalized with a script "B".  For Beautiful!

Time has surely taken a toll. Tarnish has covered the entirety of the pieces in a rainbow of blues. There are several places where layers of the plating have lifted. It all adds to the artistic effect of time on the silver. Plating was developed to ensure the durability of the serving pieces that were used often. The passing of over 100 years and certainly some neglect are apparent on the surface.

These 3 lovely Silver items will make a lovely vintage decorator piece, catching the eye, as it sits on the shelf. 

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From the Time Keepers Cottage vintage Silver Service Collection. 

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