Romanian Braided Porcelain Bowl with Pheasants

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Artisan Made Porcelain Bowl 

Porcelain was a regional craft where available clays, traditions and skills would carry the fingerprints of those who passed knowledge through the generations to eager apprentices with a inner love for an art.

This beautiful bowl combines the talents of a skilled maker and the eye of an artist. Carefully braided into a symmetrical bowl using delicate strands a traditional pattern becomes a keepsake piece for someone special.

The pure white porcelain bowl is 8 inches in diameter with a soft blue rim. At the center is artwork showcasing a Pheasant. The dish is 2 3/4 inches deep. 

These vintage pieces were carefully preserved behind glass a daily reminders of special people and events. They are wonderful wedding gifts. 

This piece hand made in Romania will look lovely in a nature inspired decor. The color tones will fair well with many decorative palettes.

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From the Time Keepers Cottage vintage Hand Made Collection.