Royal Haeger Morning Glory Vase Circa: 1950's

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Lovely Lavender Morning Glory Vase from Royal Haeger Pottery

Some pieces are attention getters. Something a little unexpected that delights the eyes and makes the corners of your mouth turn up. 

I wonder if folks realize the craftsmanship represented in these early designs that were made with so much pride. The finished pieces started as a drawn design by a talented artist. Then a skilled carver had to carve the first one from wax or clay depending on the makers process. Then a mold had to be cast that would become the "printer" for all future production pieces. Meanwhile colors and glazes were chosen that best presented the piece and were in tune to the styles of the day. All of this before the first piece was cast.

Then production provided for the general public beautiful works of art nouveau style works to make your home beautiful. Royal Haeger was one of many fine potteries at work in the early 19th century. This well cared for Morning Glory Vase is clearly hallmarked on the bottom with maker and number.

The oversized Morning Glories make 3 conical vases. The shape is very true to form and pays due respect to the original flower. The elongated blooms sit in a gathering of leaves that make up the base of the flower vase. The glaze is a soft rainbow of pastel lavenders and blues. The colors are in earthy tones that don't scream PURPLE at you. The photos were shot in natural sunlight from a bright window to give a true idea of tones. I used hydrangeas to highlight the blues but this Haeger Vase would be stunning with a bouquet of white flowers. 

The Haeger Morning Glory Vase is 16 inches tall, 10 inches at its widest point and 6 inches deep. The bottom is hall marked Royal Haeger R452 USA. There is only 1 small chip which is highlighted in the circle in the 6th photo. The Vase is in otherwise perfect condition. This design was produced in the 40's and 50's as nature and floral decor were a very popular theme. The artful design would fit well into decor from Farmhouse to Art Deco. 

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