Scranton Lace Company Vintage Wimbledon Tablecloth

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Wonderfully Made Cotton Table Linen from Scranton Lace

Scranton Lace Company began in the 1800's and at was time was the largest producer of Nottingham Lace in the world. One of the original owners, from Nottingham, England, brought the skills and pride of workmanship to the standard of Scranton Lace. Their products were well made from high quality cotton in beautiful old lace designs. 

During WWII the plant completely diverted to products for our soldiers and production of home goods stopped until the end of the war. Based in Scranton, Pa. the company continued on in until mismanagement of diversification caused the business to bankrupt after 100 years in business.

The products made by skilled American workers are still in use and treasured as "Sunday" linens in homes across the US.

This 72 x 90 inch table cloth is woven in a tied weave from heavy soft cotton. It feels like silk in your hand. The color is a light ecru. I found only one small tear along one edge. Some one with crochet or tatting skills could easily repair the 1 inch boo boo.

The original box and paperwork are in tact. The box corners are a little worn as to be expected of something close to 75 years old. The Wimbledon pattern hails from the 40's and 50's.

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