The Greatest Story Ever Told 1949 Edition

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

A Tale of the Greatest Life Ever Lived by Fulton Oursler Copyright 1949

On the Time Keeper Cottage Library shelf is another wonderful early edition of faith based literature from Doubleday and Company, Garden City, N.Y. 

Mr. Oursler writes in the preface "With much help and counsel I have told here the great story once more- the story of the greatest event in human history. For once upon a time and long ago it actually happened, according to the faith of true believers, among which the author counts himself."

The vintage writing is in the words of the author and is as much a study guide as a literary telling. The book consists of 299 softly yellowed pages with the "torn" edges of many published books in those days. The stock is thick and clean with clear print. 

The hardback cover has only slight edge wear with the fabric secure on all corners. The boards are firm and secure to the spine of the pages. The light blue fabric has faded and is stained on the spine and bottom right corner. The red print is legible on the spine and front cover. There are hand written notes in pencil on the back cover. For its age it is in very good condition and still smells like a southern library when you open the pages.

This literary work is a wonderful First Edition to have on the shelf for easy reading during quiet times. It would be a great place to put down thoughts jotted down on a slip of paper for future reference. 

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