The Texas Cook Book

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The Texas Cook Book

If you enjoy Cook Books that read like a wonderful southern novel this is a book you will want in your collection! It is filled with recipes from the best that Texas has to offer from many regions of the vast state. And on the side are stories. Some historical, some hysterical. But all worth the time to read.

"From BBQ to Banquet - An informal view of dining and entertaining the Texas way, by Mary Faulk Koock. Second Printing Copyright 1965.

We have "Son of a Gun Stew, from 1 carcass" and Mayhaw jelly. We have recipes that have been influenced by the heritage of early settlers. Mrs Koock herself hails from Koockville whose early settlers brought with them German techniques and recipes. Like most recipe books you can tell this collection was so much more than a bunch of recipes. I was amazed at the history, geography and information included that all were connected by the common theme of "Lets Eat!"

The hard back cover book is very clean and in very good condition. Recipe books were kept on the shelf with the Bibles in this house. The original dust jacket is missing. 

I only have one copy of this wonderful bit of Texas culinary history. Don't wait too long to click on that make it mine button!

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